Ltd „Matuoklis" 

is a technology deployment company that started its business in 1995. It was a merger of two personal radio-electronics companies. Since then UAB "Matuoklis" has been the leading manufacturing company in taxi meters and is now in its sales.

Currently, we are engaged in the development, production, sales and services of the various types of small-scale and one-time electronic equipment (taxis, lightboards, optical interfaces, audio amplifiers, industrial automation, electricity meters and their testing equipment).

There are currently two main areas where we are experts:

      - taxi car equipment
      - electricity meters and their inspection equipment.

It has been several years since we have been cooperating with foreign companies in order to guarantee the best quality of products at a competitive price for the Lithuanian market. Our long term experience and highly skilled specialists allow us to ensure the quality of the goods. Futhermore, our certified specialist can quickly and easily accomplish any tasks in these areas.